Energy-Efficient Hybrid GaN-FDSOI Technology Solutions for 5G mmWave Multi-Beam Systems


When The Planets Align Brief eV-Technologies and UMS demonstrate a novel hybrid GaN-FDSOI technology solution combined with  alens-based mm Wave antenna-in-package (AiP) for energy-efficient low-complexity multi-beam forming systems. You can download the publication by filling in the [...]

Dual Visual-Thermal Correlator Combined with Audio-Assisted mmWave FEM for Smart Sensing and Environmental Awareness


When The Planets Align Brief This paper proposes a Thermal-Visual-RF system Correlator embedding advanced Multi-Scale auto-correlation and cross-correlation signal-processing in time and frequency domains combined with convolutional Artificial-Intelligence (AI) and Machine-Learning (ML) algorithms. Three different signal processing methods: Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Independent Component Analysis (ICA) [...]

Smart Sensing of Vital-Signs: Co-Design of Tunable Quantum-Spin Crossover Materials with Secure Photonics and RF Front-End-Module


When The Planets Align Brief In this paper, a new sensor technology solution is proposed based on the co-design of tunable quantum-spin crossover material with smart photonics and RF Front-EndModule (FEM) integrating innovative Thermal-Body harvesting. The quantum-spin crossover material, co-integrated with the Photonics and RF Front-End-Module, [...]

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