About eV Technologies

eV-Technologies is a High-Technology company headquartered in Caen-France and teams in Toulouse, Grenoble, Montpellier and Paris.

• eV-Technologies created  the world first RF & mm-Wave MIMO Correlators, co-developed with industry leaders for base-stations and mobile applications
• Manufactures Best-in-class high-sensitivity & low-power sensors
• Pioneer in the development of new standards for Stochastic-Fields Energy-Sensing toward Unified Software & Hardware Solutions.

The company relies on in-house leading edge Energy- aware Tools, Instrumentations and Chip-Package-PCB-Antenna Co- Design solutions for RF, Millimetre-Waves and optical applications based on Semiconductor manufacturers in Europe with partners across the world.

The Team

eV-Technologies leadership team members have more than 20 years’ experience in holistic Chip-Package-PCB-Antennas Co-Design solutions for RF, mmWave and Optical applications.

eV-Technologies has created first fully integrated Mosaic MIMO Correlators co-developed with industry leaders for RF, mmWave and Optical applications.
eV-Technologies is an active member of the European Management Committees relative to new standards in Stochastic Electromagnetic Radiations of densely integrated circuits for RF and mmWave applications. These activities on Stochastic Electromagnetic Radiations have led to an IEEE standard being formalized for deployment.

eV-Technologies holds the French JEI (Jeune-Entreprise-Innovante) label.
In 2018 and 2019 respectively, eV-Technologies has been awarded the French-Tech BPI (Banque Publique d’Investissement) award and the ARMMS (Automated RF & Microwave Measurement Society) award for its unified Smart-IoT and Cognitive-RF/mmWave solutions. Such unification is expected to foster gesture recognition driven systems, ubiquitous near-field interactions based instruments, next generation wearable devices such as Intelligent Bracelets, Helmets, Gloves, …

Our Work

We offer both high level expertises to help your team beating technological challenges, and off-the-shelves products that we have designed.

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