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Who We Are

eV-Technologies is a High-Technology company headquartered in Caen-France and teams in Toulouse, Grenoble, Montpellier and Paris.

• eV-Technologies created  the world first RF & mm-Wave MIMO Correlators, co-developed with industry leaders for base-stations and mobile applications
• Manufactures Best-in-class high-sensitivity & low-power sensors
• Pioneer in the development of new standards for Stochastic-Fields Energy-Sensing toward Unified Software & Hardware Solutions.

The company relies on in-house leading edge Energy- aware Tools, Instrumentations and Chip-Package-PCB-Antenna Co- Design solutions for RF, Millimetre-Waves and optical applications based on Semiconductor manufacturers in Europe with partners across the world.

About our unified ε-vision

Our unified ε-vision

eV-Technologies offer unified Modeling & Measurement approach built around a comprehensive measurement platform for Broadband characterization, Validation and Test of Components, Circuits and Systems operating in the frequency band from DC to 110GHz with Loop-Back to Modeling & Failure Analysis.

Our ε-vision strategy has a precise goal: bringing modeling and measurement closer together. It relies on the following offer:

  • Smiley facenergy based formulation
  • Smiley faceeasurement & Smiley faceodeling unified
  • Smiley faceave -based interactions Analysis
  • Smiley faceD Broadband Tooling SolutionS

Our Solutions

FROM off-the-shelves products to expertises at your service.

We provide off-the-shelves products correlating signals and energies

We offer our expertises around the use of our products in your solutions

We innovate in the Art of Correlating Signals and Energies.